Modern production lines

General Information

VIKOS S.A. operates three modern factories that have a vertically integrated manufacturing process, on its own premises, a total surface of 51.000m2 in an area of 176 acres in the Zagorohoria district. Two factories (Perivleptos and kalpaki) bottle water and soft drinks in the traditional and strictly protected district of Zagorochoria, whereas the third factory, Petcom Plastics, is located in the Industrial Area of Ioannina and manufactures PET preforms and closures for the packaging of water, refreshments and milk.
The premises include 26 production lines, of which 9 production lines bottle water and soft drinks and 17 produce preforms and caps at PETCOM Plastics.
Additionally, the premises include warehouses, administrative offices and two fully equipped microbiology laboratories.


Installations Vikos Plant

Vikos Plant

Installations Kalpaki Plant

Kalpaki Plant

Installations Petcom Plant

Petcom Plant