Modern production lines

3rd Plant: Petcom Plastics

Petcom, founded in 1999, specializes in manufacturing plastics and has delivered sustainable development and long term business growth. The factory is located in the Industrial Area of Ioannina on privately owned land, in an area of 62 acres.

Injection machines operate in two production areas within a building complex of 11.000m2.

In order to ensure premium product quality, precision molds from Corvaglia (manufacturer of caps) and Husky (manufacturer of preforms) firms are used during the manufacturing process, both global leaders in their fields.

Fully automated production assists in complying with hygiene regulations  and meeting market demands.

The use of patented manufacturing techniques guarantees smooth processing of bottles and preforms of all dimensions delivering a uniform product for customers from the food and beverage industry and the chemical industry.

Petcom Plastics Plant Petcom Plastics Plant