Soda Water 0,33 L

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water, carbon dioxide, sodium bicarbonate.

Bottle 17,0 cm 6,4 cm 368 gr
Shrink pack 6 x 0,33L
19,2 cm 12,8 cm 17,0 cm 2,0 kg 6 bottles
Pallet of shrink packs 6 x 0,33L 120,0 cm 80,0 cm 172,0 cm 747,0 kg 324 packages

"MITSIKELI" Natural Mineral Water is bottled at "ZAGOROCHORIA" source. Without undergoing any processing, it is brought via a stainless steel network of pipes to the latest bottling machinery. For the prevention of potential hazards, daily water and packaging material inspections, as well as staff and plant hygiene end product checks, are conducted at all critical control points of the manufacturing process, in accordance with the HACCP system. These inspections ensure that water will reach the consumer while maintaining its original physic-chemical composition and microbial purity.

Due to its significantly low sodium ion content, it is suitable for those following a low sodium diet (hypertensive and heart patients). Its relatively high bicarbonate level lends it diuretic qualities, improving kidney function.  Salt/mineral content fluctuates at very low levels, while its relatively high calcium content contributes to healthy bones and teeth as well as good functioning of the muscular and nervous systems. It is characterized as mild and pleasant tasting with digestive properties.

A detailed table of the chemical analysis of "ZAGOROCHORIA SOURCE" Natural Mineral Water can be seen below:




  pH = 7,8
  Conductivity = 342 μS/cm (25oC)
  Total Hardness = 186 mg/l (as CaCO3)
  Dry residue (180oC) = 200 mg/l
  Total Dissolved Solids = 200 mg/l
  CATIONS (mg/l):
Calcium Ca2+ = 72,6
Magnesium Mg2+ = 1,1 
Sodium Na+ = 1,9
Potassium K+ = 0,6
Ammonium NH4+ < 0,1  
  ANIONS (mg/l):
HCO3- = 210
Chlorides Cl- < 5,0
Sulfates SO42- < 5,0
Nitrates NO3- = 6,3
Nitrites NO2 - < 0,05