Vikos spark 1,0 L glass


With the appropriate addition of carbon dioxide from the source, we created a distinctive flavor.

Bottle 31,0 cm 8,8 cm 1,542 kg
Carton 12x1.0L 36,2cm 26,6cm 32,5 cm 18,8 kg 12 bottles
Pallet - Karton 12x1,0L 120 cm 80 cm 174,5 cm 866,7 kg 45 cartons

“Vikos” Natural Mineral Water is bottled at source. It is brought via a stainless steel network of pipes to the latest bottling machinery, close to the source, without undergoing any processing.

In accordance with the HACCP control system that has been implemented to prevent hazards, water and packaging material inspections as well staff and plant hygiene checks are conducted constantly, at every critical step of the manufacturing process. These inspections ensure that the water will reach the consumer while maintaining the physico-chemical composition and microbial purity that it had at source.

Another important parameter that influences the way the manufacturing process is shaped and the company operates, is the protection of the wider environment (on and off the premises).



  pH = 7,4
  Conductivity = 479 μS/cm (25oC)
  Total Hardness = 257,8 mg/l (as CaCO3)
  Total Dissolved Solids = 350 mg/l
  Dry Residue (260oC) = 350 mg/l
  CATIONS (mg/l):
Calcium Ca2+ = 99,9
Magnesium Mg2+ = 2,04
Sodium Na+ = 2,69
Potassium K+ = 0,62
Ammonium NH4+ < L.O.Q. (0,013)
  ANIONS (mg/l):
HCO3- = 298,9
Chlorides Cl- = 8,66
Sulfates SO42- = 12,0
Nitrates NO3- = 7,88
Nitrites NO2 - < L.O.Q. (0,006)

L.O.Q. = Limit of Quantification