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Voluntary Blood Donation

At VIKOS, the notion of giving has a special meaning for us. Not only in theory, but it pervades our every action. Starting by providing superior product quality, our attitude towards making a contribution has developed into substantial social responsibility and deep human involvement in the events of life surrounding us.

Blood is a commodity in short supply. It is not available on shelves; it is not sold for a price and cannot be produced in factories. It can only be produced by the human body and can only be donated by human sensitivity.

The support VIKOS offers to voluntary blood donation is only one aspect of its spontaneous urge to support humanitarian ideals. And it originates from the company’s leadership team. P. Sepetas and E. Theochari, owners of Vikos S.A., have been voluntary blood and bone marrow donors for years. Two active citizens, with social awareness who inspired, with their stance, the local community of their company in Ioannina and prompted the workers of Epirotiki Bottling Company to become blood donors and contribute to the tremendous need for blood collection, which is how the personal vision of two people with power and visualization evolved into a significant contribution to society as a whole.

At VIKOS, values are more important than size. We believe that creating quality products should be consistent with shaping the conditions for a better life. The number one product for which we fight, envisage and contribute to is the human being.