Modern production lines

2nd Plant: "MITSIKELI" from the source "ZAGOROCHORIA" NMW

The manufacturing unit of “MITSIKELI” Natural Mineral Water and “Vikos” refreshments is located in Kalpaki, Ioannina and is the company’s 2nd branch. On privately owned land, and covering a total surface of 24.400m2 in an area of 69 acres in the district of Zagorochoria it operates 3 production lines for bottling water and refreshments with a production capacity of 156.000 litres/hour. 

Both the “ZAGOROCHORIA” source, from which "MITSIKELI" Natural Mineral Water and “Vikos” Natural Mineral Refreshments are bottled, and 2nd table water source are located on this land. The premises include production and storage facilities as well as offices for the administrative services. The bottling – standardization and packaging facilities are integrated and automated: PET bottle manufacturing - bottling – boxing – palletization.

The plant has a fully equipped microbiology laboratory of 150m2 and employs a staff of 14 qualified and skilled chemical engineers/assistants who are responsible for conducting daily water and refreshments inspections (physicochemical-microbiological-organoleptic) at every step of the manufacturing process, in compliance with Greek and EU legislation. In addition, packaging material is monitored and staff and plant hygiene checks are carried out regularly. Critical control points along the manufacturing process are monitored in accordance with the HACCP system for prevention of potential hazards but also for overall monitoring of the quality assurance systems.     

In terms of microbiological controls, during the years 2018 and 2019, 78.023 and 78.889 water samples water samples were collected and tested, respectively.

The total cost for safety and quality control in 2018 amounted to €434.900 while in 2019, it amounted to €465.512.

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Kalpaki Ioannina Plant