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Company Profile

Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A. (VIKOS S.A.) is a family business that was founded in 1990 and is one of the most renowned and reputable companies in the bottled water market. VIKOS S.A. is a Greek company that started business in 1992 by bottling Natural Mineral Water “Vikos”, from the homonymous source and distributing it to the Greek and foreign markets, whilst maintaining its position of main supplier to the largest supermarket chains.

 “Vikos”, “MITSIKELI” and “hyas” Natural Mineral Water are bottled at the equivalent sources at the company’s factories in Perivleptos, Kalpaki and Kallianoi respectively, using the latest machinery and without any human intervention or other processing throughout the procedure, from pumping until distribution. Additionally, in 2014 and as a result of two years of intensive research and development, the company entered the refreshments market with the launch of 8 different flavours and created a whole new product category, “Vikos” Natural Mineral Refreshments.

“Vikos” Natural Mineral Refreshments are the only refreshments with Natural Mineral Water. They are produced at the company’s plant in Kalpaki, Ioannina, using as their main ingredient "MITSIKELI" Natural Mineral Water directly from the source without any processing, as well as juice from Greek fruit and our own special recipes and flavours! The product line was further enhanced in 2017 with 3 more flavours with a low glycemic index and sweetener from the stevia plant, Vikos Cola stevia, Vikos Orangeade stevia and Vikos Lemonade stevia.

VIKOS S.A. operates four modern factories that have a vertically integrated manufacturing process. Two factories (Perivleptos and Kalpaki) bottle water and refreshments in the traditional and strictly protected district of Zagorochoria (which is protected by Π.Δ 26-9-1979), in Epirus, Greece, the third factory, PETCOM Plastics, is located in the Industrial Area of Ioannina and manufactures PET preforms and closures for the packaging of water, refreshments and milk whereas the fourth factory is located in Kalianoi, Corinth and bottles water.

On its own premises, covering 79,000m2, situated in an area of 260 acres, the company employs a staff of 450, utilizes 7 water sources and operates 30 production lines, of which 13 production lines bottle water and soft drinks, with a production capacity of 446,600 litres/hour and 17 produce preforms and caps at PETCOM Plastics.

“VIKOS” and “ZAGOROCHORIA” sources are certified as Natural Mineral Water sources (Identification No. Y2/oik. 478/12.02.96 and DYG2GP113256/17.10.06 respectively).   Directly from these sources and without undergoing any process are bottled the equivalent Natural Mineral Waters. The 3rd source –the “Sepeta” source- (Authorization No. : 4971/16-4-1997 / D.Y.I.) is used to bottle table water  “Γάργαρο” and “Table Water” which are distributed to METRO and LIDL supermarkets, respectively. 

Since 1992, when the company started operation, the quality of water from production to distribution and the relationship of mutual respect and credibility with the partners have served Epirotic Bottling Industry’s primary objective.

All products are manufactured according to the strictest European Union standards and are distinguished for their high quality.

ISO 9001/2008

The company has been certified for the Quality Assurance Management Systems that it has developed and implements and is monitored by its certification bodies for the correct implementation and maintenance - continuous upgrade of these with six-month surveillance visits. The Quality Assurance Management Systems for which the company has been certified are detailed in the Certifications section of each branch.


VIKOS S.A. was the first company in the Greek water bottling market to acquire a HACCP certificate (management system for assurance of hygiene, food safety and control of critical control points during the manufacturing process) in February 2000, according to the Codex Alimentarius 1997.

Additionally, in 2002, and in order to enhance customer service and ensure efficient market coverage during peak season, VIKOS S.A. established subsidiary company IQ BRANDS with distribution and logistic centres in Athens and Thessaloniki. I.Q Brands is further supported by an experienced sales team which covers the whole of Greece. The privately owned premises, in Metamorfosi Attikis, covering 5.000m2 in an area of 11 acres have been constructed using materials that offer impermeability and insulation, maintaining the requisite conditions for storing bottled water. Accordingly, in Northern Greece, our products are distributed from our logistic centre in Kalochori, Thessaloniki that is located on privately owned premises, covering 1.200m2 in an area of 10 acres. The products are distributed by privately owned trucks in order to provide direct services. The company also operates a private distribution and logistics centre in Loutraki, Corinth covering 6.100m2 in an area of 19 acres