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The notion of social responsibility has a special meaning for us at VIKOS, as we support all its forms by making contributions to society, the environment, sports, education, Greek culture and its evolvement. Thus, VIKOS S.A. has been participating, in events that promote the Greek culture as a corporate member of the Diazoma association, since 2013.

"Diazoma" is a Greek association that was founded on the initiative of former Greek Minister of Culture Stavros Benos and aims to protect and promote the socialization of ancient theaters; these unique monuments of ancient Greek architecture. The association’s mission is to endorse the beauty, originality, values, knowledge, wisdom, aesthetics and harmony of ancient theaters in every way: from organizing events, campaigning for each theater and “adopting” monuments, to making use of new technologies. A growing number of significant actions have been developed through the associations’ members and volunteers: digital tours via mobile phones, cultural routes, three-dimensional illustrations and raising of sponsorship.

VIKOS supports the revival, protection and projection of ancient theaters for viewing and listening, aiming to motivate Greek citizens to protect their cultural heritage and develop contemporary cultural creativity not only at a local level, but also at national level. As a corporate member, VIKOS is actively involved in supporting, promoting and developing actions in the Region of Epirus.