The Company

Water that stands out

Objectives - Systems

The company operates in accordance with the following objectives:

  • continuous improvement of the quality of products and services it delivers.
  • manufacturing new products according to the increasing demands of the modern market while increasing its market share.
  • understanding and responding to the needs of consumers while providing prompt, friendly and effective customer service.
  • ongoing modernization of facilities (buildings and equipment) to meet the needs arising from the continued growth of the company.
  • ongoing staff training and improvement of working conditions.
  • ongoing protection of the premises’ immediate environment (internal and external).


Driven by a philosophy based on quality, excellent relations with business associates and overall performance, Vikos S.A., has formed its operating systems while achieving two very important objectives:

  • ensuring that objectives, important for both the company and the customers, are achieved and the company is not diverted from its target.
  • timely prediction and problem diagnosis which further enhances the company’s responsiveness .