The Company

Water that stands out


Our mission at VIKOS S.A. is to bring water closer to you. Closer to all customers that are in need of this valuable source of life. Because pure water is a source of life. Day after day, at VIKOS S.A, we plan, select and execute all procedures with full respect for this source of life.

Since its first year of business, in 1992, the quality of the water from production to distribution and the relationship of mutual respect and credibility with partners has served as Epirotiki Bottling Company's philosophy.

More specifically, the company aims to satisfy:

Α the consumers demand for sustained premium product quality. In this way, the company commits itself to developing and maintaining the desired and promised quality. Achieving this objective is associated with planning and effectively using the company’s human, technological and material resources, all of which it commits itself to provide continuously, to the extent required.

Β the associates’ needs and demands. The customer needs to be able to trust the company’s competence to offer the desired quality and required quantities within the timeframe agreed.

The above targets remain unchanged but are complemented by the company continuously striving to follow changes in consumer trends and lifestyle and its associates’ increasing demands.

To achieve these objectives, the company:

Α persistently invests in the latest equipment to ensure flexibility and premium quality. Its choices regarding bottling equipment, packaging material and design of the bottle and cap are made solely in light of product quality.

Β Invests in superior support service and responding effectively and directly to associates’ needs (efficient service delivery, warehouses, sales force etc.)

C markets its products under the brand name Vikos – Zagorochoria. A brand name, that due to the company’s activities and stance, since its first year of operation, has become synonymous with trust in the quality of its products.

The rapid acceptance of the product by the market, during the company’s short time of operation, justifies the choice of this meaningful and responsible philosophy and lays the foundation for continuous product growth in the domestic and foreign market.      

Our values have given people the opportunity to enjoy bottled water with the finest qualities endowed by nature at source.