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Vikos S.A. Enviromental Policy

We are committed to protecting the environment along with implementing quality Assurance Management Systems and delivering quality service and products.

Since we believe that:

Περιβαλλοντική Πολιτική της ΒΙΚΟΣ ΑΕ
  • the individual must remain at the centre of the ongoing effort made for development and is entitled to a healthy, productive life, in harmony with the environment
  • natural resources must not be exhausted and used beyond the boundaries set by nature and that is not just the responsibility of nations, legislators and inspecting authorities, but each and everyone of us.
  • the environmental needs and environmentally friendly behaviour are our responsibility towards future generations
  • environmental protection can not exist independently, but has to be integrated into our daily life
  • downgrading of the environment constitutes the downgrading of people´s living standards
  • environmental objectives are achieved through volunteering by environmentally conscious citizens

That is why we assume responsibility for developing and implementing an Environmental Management System, providing all necessary resources to continually improve environmental performance.

We authorize the Environmental Management System Manager to coordinate, implement, monitor and inform us about the system’s performance in compliance with national and EU legislation.

We urge all staff to join us in our efforts as we believe that continual improvement of environmental performance is not only for their own good but also for the wellbeing of our community and all fellow human beings.