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Company evolution

  • The beginning


    The company’s premises and water sources are situated on privately owned land. Located in an area with frequent rain and snowfalls near Vikos Gorge, in the traditional and strictly protected Zagorochoria renowned for its natural beauty, far from any industrial or urban activity. This, coupled with the fact that the local water has always been known for its digestive, diuretic qualities and pleasant taste acted as an incentive to start bottling water from the homonymous source.

    This has given people, even those that live far from this favoured area, the opportunity to enjoy “Vikos” water bringing it closer to every corner of Greece. In 2008, the company began the bottling and distribution of “ZAGOROCHORIA” Natural Mineral Water from the homonymous certified source in its second factory which is based in Kalpaki.


  • 1990

    Approval is granted for bottling water from the "VIKOS" source and the construction of the premises begins. (Bottling certification number: 11 826 / 17.10.90 D.Y.I.)

  • 1992

    Permission is granted for operating the Perivleptos plant and the bottling of “Vikos” water from the homonymous source begins.
    (Authorization Number: 1020/7635/2-g/20.04.92 A.D.I.)

  • 1996

    "Vikos" water is certified as Natural Mineral Water.
    (Certification number: Y2/oik. 478/12.02.96)

  • 1997

    Permission is granted for bottling table water from the "Sepeta" source at Perivleptos factory. (Bottling certification number: 4971/16.4.1997 - D.Y.I.).

  • 1998

    The 2nd fully equipped production line is installed and the premises are extended.

  • 1999

    The PVC bottle is replaced by the PET bottle and the company is certified for quality assurance with HACCP & ISO 9001.

  • 2002

    The 3rd fully equipped production line is installed and the premises are extended with a total investment of €4.5 million.

  • 2003

    Innovation: the 1,0L PET, glass shaped bottle is launched. The company is certified with ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

  • 2004

    The 4th fully equipped production line for bottling still and sparkling natural mineral water in disposable glass bottles was installed.

  • 2005

    The new factory for the production of water and soft drinks was built in Kalpaki. The construction of the premises and the installment of a fully equipped water and soft drinks production line (the company’s 5th production line) amounted to a total investment of €12.7 million.

  • 2006

    Approval granted for bottling "ZAGOROCHORIA" Natural Mineral water from the "ZAGOROCHORIA” source at the company’s new factory which is based in Kalpaki (Bottling certification number Υ/Γ5476/4506/20.09.06 - Δ.Υ.Ι. )

    It was also certified as Natural Mineral Water (Certification Number ΔΥΓ2ΓΠ113256 / 17.10.06) in 2006.

    The 5th, fully equipped production line was installed at Perivleptos factory (the 6th line in total) and the premises were extended with a total investment of €10.6 million.

  • 2007

    Innovation: The new large 5 and 10L bottles for water coolers were designed. They are produced from the hygienic PET material, are disposable, inflated on site, fully pressurized and easily recycled.

    At the same time, the installment of the 6th production line (the 7th in total) for the bottling of “Vikos” Natural Mineral Water in the new 5 and 10L PET bottles was completed, with a total investment of €1.5 million and the company entered the Water Cooler market for professional and residential use.

  • 2008

    The 2nd production line for bottling water was installed at Kalpaki factory (the company’s 8th line).

  • 2009

    The 7th fully equipped production line was installed at Perivleptos factory (the 9th production line in total).

  • 2011

    The company expands its product portfolio with the launch of Vikos Cool Tea (0,33L, 0,5L και 1,5L).

  • 2014

    In 2014 the company entered the refreshments market with the launch of 8 different flavours and created a whole new product category, "Vikos" Natural Mineral Refreshments.

  • 2017

    Responding to modern nutritional trends, VIKOS S.A launches three new products with sweetener from the stevia plant thus offering new, quality choices with a low glycemic index: "Vikos" Cola, "Vikos" Orangeade (carbonated), "Vikos" Lemonade.

  • 2017-20

    The company further expanded the unit by installing a new, fully equipped water production line with a bottling capacity of 81,000 bottles / hour, at the Perivleptos plant. At the same time, a new, fully equipped refreshments production line with a production capacity of 36,000 bottles / hour was installed at the Kalpaki plant and new building facilities were constructed, while at the manufacturing unit of PET preforms and closures, that is located in the Industrial Area of Ioannina, the unit was expanded with the installation of new mechanical equipment for the production of the above products. The total investment for the three year period 2017-2020 amounted to 20.5 million euros.

    The company further expanded through the acquisition of the company Natura Bottling.

  • 2021

    In 2021 the company launches "Vikos" Cola Zero Sugar! The first Greek Cola with a unique taste, zero sugar and, of course, the only Zero Sugar Cola with Natural Mineral Water and an exclusive recipe.

  • Today

    From the very beginning, Epirotic Bottlling Industry S.A. paid great attention to the quality of the materials used for packaging and the innovative design of its bottle and label. It was the first Greek industry in the water bottling market to use a sterilized, screw top, which is imported from France in order to preserve the microbial purity of the product.

    The quality policy implemented by the company in all decision making has ranked it amongst the 100 most profitable Greek companies in terms of assets (Naftemporiki 11.10.1999 & Naftemporiki June 2006).

    Furthermore, the premium quality of our products and continuous acquisition of new consumers resulted in Vikos Natural Mineral Water being at the top of the “Warm” water bottling market for the 12-month period February 2006 –January 2007, according to the AC Nielsen Research Company. A position it has held ever since.

    The company exports its products to Germany, England, Cyprus and the Balkans via a well-organized distribution network while in Athens and Thessaloniki the products are distributed through its privately owned warehouses - logistic centres

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